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Provins, Swiss wine

Petite Arvine du Valais

In 1920, when the Swiss wine-producing economy was going through a serious crisis, many wine growers began to organise themselves on a regional basis. So it followed as a logical consequence that, between 1930 and 1932, four producers’ cooperatives were set up. Each of them was equipped with its own cellaring and pressing facilities in order to avoid having to rely on private cellars to store their harvests.

Rouge d’Enfer

As the private cellars refused to market wine from the cooperatives, in 1932 the wine growers formed their own sales organisation: the Fédération des Caves de Producteurs de vins du Valais (federation of Valais wine producers’ cellars), Provins.

The latter was to be responsible for administrative tasks, the technical and commercial management of the cooperative cellars and, of course, selling the wines.
The end of the Second World War coincided with the repeal of the indigenous products protection clause and the subsequent imports put the Valais economy under pressure. It was against this background that Joseph Michaud, then Director of Provins, set up the « Concours de la Capsule Dorée » (golden capsule competition) in 1945. This established quality criteria at Provins Valais for the future.

Over the years, Provins evolved to become a firm capable of fulfilling the market’s expectations.