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Alcanta Spanish wine in China

BOCOPA is one of the largest Organic wine producers all over the world and was founded 1987.

The D.O. Alicante has an history and an experience that goes back to more than 3000 years.
Alicante and its wines have re-arisen in the wine’s panorama strongly in the last decade.

The makers of this sucess :

  • The farmers with a more careful and technical cultivation of its plots
  • The warehouses with its continuous renovations, improvements in infrastructure and processes, its constant adjustment to the new times and tastes of the consumer.

Somes figures about Bocopa

  • 40% of the whole production od the DO Alicante region.
  • 30 Employees.
  • winecellars associated.
  • 2500ha with a average output of 3000kg/ha.
  • One of the biggest producer of organic wine with 700 000 bottles and 360ha.
  • 6,000.000€
    • 70% national sales
    • 30% exportation
    • 90% of the wines are sold bottled