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Geografico, Italian wines in China

Outstanding quality from humble origins.

Chianti Geografico, the small pioneering venture of 17 grape growers established in 1961, has developed into an enterprise able to deliver the continuous improvement in quality demanded by today’s markets.

Our success is demonstrated by the fact that, after nearly 50 years in business, we have now over 200 member growers whose output is of the highest quality.
What has been the key to our success? The original partners in the cooperative brought to Geografico their wealth of experience as Tuscan farmers, creating a unique bond between each grower, his land and his produce.

Today’s Chianti Geografico remains rooted in its land, the province of Siena, with its rich variety of agricultural opportunity. With Geografico’s knowledge and expertise, from vineyard cultivation through vinification to the final sale of the product, today’s growers benefit from our guarantee that each vineyard can express its own distinct character.

We call this integration the “Chianti Geografico Method”. Our way starts with the land and ends in the glass. Our results include many wines of true excellence, testament to the efforts and hard work of each and every member.

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