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Salin China

  • Wine merchant company created in 1798
  • SALIN is located in Blanquefort (10 min from Bordeaux).
  • It’s using a new modern facility of 9000 m²
  • Offer 4 categories of Bordeaux wines: CG, 2d wines, Primeur, Petits Chateaux
  • More 150 references in range
  • Permanent stock of 5 millions bottles of grands crus in ultra-modern facilities
  • Turnover close to 40M euros (December 2007)
  • The export part is representing 40% of the total SALIN business (December 2007)


  • 1798 Pierre SALIN set up a business as Wine Merchant in Bègles (Bordeaux suburbs).
  • Along the 19th century Maison SALIN has been one of the leading Bordeaux wine merchant, exporting wine in “barrel”, in particular to the“French colonies”.
  • Along the 20th century Three generations of SALIN have been maintaining and developing the Company.
  • 1985 Frédéric SALIN (7th generation) takes over the company and starts developing and expanding the Grands Crus Classés and Estate bottled (“Petits Châteaux”) business.
  • 2005 This has been the real take off for Export markets and SALIN becomes a major “En Primeurs” operator.

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