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Veo Grande

Veo Grande, Chilean wine in China


VIÑAS ERRAZURIZ OVALLE was founded by Francisco Javier Errazuriz. The family is closely connected with Chilean history.

DON FRANCISCO JAVIER ERRAZURIZ arrived from a Spanish village in the province of Navarra. The descendants have always played an important political role : since 1811 at least one member of the family has been actively involved in the republic affairs, either as a member of Parliament or Senate.

OVALLE : the family is linked with Conquer Period of Chile : Don Agusto De Ovalle founded   what is currently known as the Ovalle City, the capital before Santiago up to 1512.

The Errazuriz-Ovalle family’s interests are very diversified:

  • Mining (iodine, gold, silver)
  • Forest (40000 hectares)
  • Distribution (supermarkets in Chile and in Argentina)
  • Fishing (20 boats)
  • Farming: 30000 hectares (vegetable, fruit, salmon, cattle)
  • Car distribution (Renault, Nissan)

VineyardsVeo Grande vineyard

  • Valle del Rapel : Colchagua-Marchigüe
  • Valle del Maule : Molina-Lontue
  • Total available land: 200 000 hectares
  • Development of coastal vineyards:
    • Pichilemo: 50 hectares