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French Wine Paradox - Bear Star贝拉斯通Bear Star

"We Share More Than Wine" – 杭州鼎世贸易有限公司 

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Bear Star贝拉斯通Bear Star

Bear Star California Wines

Bearstar is a wine that is of the traditional character of California wines.

Bearstar wines endeavor to be traditional in their style for each variety of wine produced. The wines are designed to be likeable and easy to drink; refreshing and accessible.

The grapes used in the wines are selected  among one of the best wine growing regions in California including Sonoma, Lodi, Central Coast and Mendocino County.

While the label is designed to be eye-catching and fun, the wines are serious with great balance, complexity and beautiful fruit flavors. In the proud heritage and pioneering sprit of the earliest settlers in California, Bearstar has innovated to produce very high quality wines at reasonable prices.

The label is inspired by the California State Flag, but updated to reflect a contemporary and fun image. Bearstar is classic California wine, tasty and drinkable now, and goes well with food or by itself. The winery is located in Sonoma County, California.

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