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Las Moras

Finca Las Moras

Finca Las Moras was established in the Tulum valley, at the foot of the Andean range, in the province of San Juan, Argentina.
The research carried out by its professional team, as well as its vanguard spirit, achieved an amazing acclimatization of the grapevines to the soil and desert-like climate of this region, known for its great thermal variation and low rainfall.
Its enological passion for making wines of excellence has resulted in Finca Las Moras leading the re-discovery of San Juan as a region producing wines of international quality and style. This enterprising initiative defines Finca Las Moras, a winery that offers a remarkable variety of highly concentrated, premium vine-stocks.
Finca Las Moras is world- renowned for its unbeatable value for money. Its modern and attractive wines mark trends in Argentine enology. Its international projection grows with each harvest.
This winery is writing the history of the new concept of wines from San Juan: sophisticated, sensual and original.
Range Las Moras

Range Las Moras in China

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